Selection Criteria Toolkit

Selection Criteria Toolkit

At Last! An easy way to answer selection criteria!
Now, you can learn how to answer selection criteria like a pro and write brilliant applications that get you to the interview.

And, it doesn't stop there. You will also learn how to prepare for your interview, what to say in the interview and how to WOW the selection panel.
Like any skill, answering Selection Criteria is easy .. when you know how!

Learn how to write applications like a pro
For more than 20 years, we have been helping people just like you to get top jobs. We know it's unfair to other applicants, but we combine our 'marketing know-how' along with our knowledge of what employers want to see in an application for an outstanding result.


The 'Selection Criteria Toolkit' takes you through the application process step by step and provides dozens of examples from a wide range of industries and occupations. This means you can take some shortcuts and adapt this information to suit your own application.
You'll learn how to 'sell' your skills and experience to the employer using proven marketing techniques.
The Selection Criteria Toolkit is a one-stop-shop, bulging at the seams with everything you need to know about applying for a government or private sector job. Keep this easy-to-follow guide on your desk so you can refer to it often. Answering selection criteria is easy ...when you know how.

You may have written a few applications, but didn't get to first base...

Take heart! Applying for jobs using selection criteria is a skill that you can learn - just like you learned how to drive a car or make a cake. One step at a time. Spend a weekend reading the book and putting the ideas onto paper and you'll be right on track for any job you want

Following are just a few of the new skills you'll learn when you use the Selection Criteria Toolkit:

  • How to translate selection criteria from 'gobbledegook' into plain English
  • How to handle the 'Killer Selection Criterion' on OH&S and EEO
  • How to use 'secret sales weapons' that you have at home to ‘SELL’ you to the employer
  • How to connect with the employer using proven marketing principles of 'WII-FM' and 'KISS'
  • How to answer the 'Million Dollar Question': 'Should I apply for this position?'
  • How to decide if it is worth applying for a position if someone is in an ‘acting’ position (this is tricky)
  • How to structure your responses using an easy 5 step approach
  • How to build credibility by using the marketing 'Law of Specificity' in your application
  • How to 'Polish' your CV and present your document with PIZAZZ!
  • How to manage your butterflies and stand out at the interview
  • How to prepare answers to questions you may be asked at the interview and how to WOW the selection panel

Who needs this book?

People who have been blasted by the 3 R-R-Rs - Redundancy, Retrenchment and Restructuring

You can do it! Just follow the steps outlined in the book and use the examples that apply to your background and experience.

People applying for a position in the public or private sector - maybe even their own job!

If you've been unsuccessful in previous applications, take heart! Now, you can learn how to write applications like a pro - it's a skill that is absolutely essential in today's job market.

Every graduate you know.

Many students spend three or more years in tertiary study only to end up unemployed because they don’t know how to write an application involving selection criteria. Now, you can get the job you deserve without any stress. Simply follow the steps in this book to increase your chance of being short-listed and getting your dream job.

Personnel leaving Defence.

Australian Defence Force personnel face a double barrelled problem on leaving Defence.Leaving Defence can be like going to live in a foreign country with a different language, culture and business practices. Take heart! Hundreds of former ADF personnel have successfully made the change – and you can too.

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Selection Criteria Toolkit Paperback

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Selection Criteria ToolkiteBook

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Here's what a first time applicant has to say about the Selection Criteria Toolkit ...

The same weekend I picked up the book, I read it from cover to cover and I can assure you, no one has written a book (on Selection Criteria) which has given me the confidence I have now. I am not worried about writing a selection criteria now. Your book covered everything I wanted to learn and know and was obvious it was meant for someone who was writing a selection criteria for the first time.I wish you all the best with this book and many others you might write.You have done a good job with this one - easy reading with lots of learning. Excellent book Dawn. I will always treasure it.
Pan Naidu

And this is what a Specialised Employment Agency had to say...

We are an Open Employment Service in South West Queensland which specialises in gaining employment for people with Disabilities of all types.  We assist from the basics of Resume writing and cover letters to more complicated applications requiring Selection Criteria. I found that no matter how much you think you know about applying for a job, Dawn's book ?Selection Criteria Toolkit? really is the essential guide to writing and checking job applications. 
Thanks Dawn, your book is a great resource for our clients and an excellent user guide for not only our new staff but all our staff.
Greg Murr
Co-Ordinator: Bridge Employment - Dalby