From Fired to Hired

Losing your job is a huge blow - but there may be a silver lining. This eBook will help you get back on track, choose the job you really want and write your job application like a pro using templates. From Fired to Hired is jam-packed with valuable 'insider' information.

There are 11 easy steps to success...
Step # 1: Understand and deal with your feelings about job loss

In this section, we'll explain why you're feeling so stressed about losing your job and briefly deal with the five stages of grief that most people experience

Step # 2: Develop your Personal Survival Plan

Don't make the classic mistake of sinking all of your payout into renovations on your house, buying a spiffy new car or taking an overseas trip until you work out what to do about a job. You may need to change your lifestyle for a while. Here are 4 critical things you need to do right now to develop your 'Survival Plan'.

Step # 3: Keep a positive attitude

Your attitude determines your success or failure - if you think you'll be successful, you will be. There's a little book you need to read that will help - we'll tell you what it is!

Step # 4: Choose your new career path

This step includes three case studies of successful mature-age career-changers that will inspire you to consider your lifetime goals and family commitments when choosing your new career.

Step 5: Research your new job

You will need to research the types of jobs available and their requirements. We provide you with a starter list of job sites in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Canada so you can get cracking on your next job.

Step # 6: Develop your job search strategy

Your new job is getting a job! You'll never get a job in your pyjamas and slippers - you need to go out there and look for it. Here are 5 simple strategies to get you started.

Step # 7: Write your résumé

If you're a Baby Boomer, you've probably never needed a résumé...until now! A résumé is now a 'must-have' marketing tool to get a new job. We provide you with a template for writing your first résumé and some tips for 'age-proofing' your application.

Step # 8: Write a customised letter for each application

In case you're a little rusty in the letter-writing area, we provide you with another template to use in writing your letter of application. You also get 10 marketing tips to help you 'sell' yourself in your letter.

Step # 9: Get ready for your interview

It's possibly going to be your first interview in more than a decade (or two) so you may need a little practice at getting ready. There are 8 essential things to do before your interview.

Step # 10: Win the job at the interview

This step includes 10 critical things you need to do to win the job at the interview. It covers everything you need to know including body language, how to answer questions and what to wear.

Step # 11: Get ready for 'Plan C'...or 'Plan D'

You need to be proactive to prepare yourself for the next time you change careers - either by your own choice, or your employer's. It's much easier if you plan for it now, while the experience is still fresh in your mind.

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This is what a mature-age job seeker has to say about 'From Fired to Hired'

From a successful 59 year old job applicant:

I've been a book-keeper with the same organization all of my working life. When the company introduced a new computerized system, I found it impossible to use and after struggling for six months to adapt to the new system, I finally accepted a redundancy package.I attended a Mature-Age Careers Expo where Dawn Richards was talking to a packed house about how to get back into the workforce. I raced home to my computer and bought her new eBook "From Fired to Hired".
After working through the 11 steps, I wrote my first application in 20 years using the résumé and cover letter template that comes with the book. I'm pleased to say I got the job and I'm now working part time and loving the freedom of playing golf twice a week. I've got a new lease on life because I'm now confident that I can bounce back no matter what happens. Thanks for your help in teaching this "old dog" some new tricks.
Mike Petersen