Get That Government Job

Get That Government Job

Now, there's an easy way to write a winning application for a government or private sector job! Answering selection criteria is easy ... when you know how!

'Get That Government Job' is the most comprehensive careers book on the market!

This book is ideal for both first time applicants writing their first Selection Criteria Statement and experienced applicants who want an edge in using marketing strategies to promote their work and themselves.

This book has online links to 'REAL' job applications that you can use as templates to kick-start your own application.

You will receive a password to enable you to access a wide range of successful applications for all sorts of jobs - Defence, nursing, administration, IT, graduates, customer service, team leader... and much, much more. 

Simply replace the information in the application with your own - the formatting is already done for you by a professional graphic designer!

Excerpt from the foreword written by Kate Southam (former editor of
‘Dawn provides marketing tips (you are the product),writing tips (including words that get a job applicant noticed) as well as her insider's view of the little slip-ups that could see your application ‘binned’. There are also some great tips on tackling the real-life problems no one likes to talk about. For example, tips for how a 40-plus candidate can get by a young recruiter as well as how candidates of all ages can conquer pre-interview butterflies.

I know from my conversations with Dawn how genuine she is about helping people. This book is a real tribute to her years of doing just that! Use the book to ensure you actually enjoy the process of job hunting. Remember, job hunting is a two-way street — it's not just about what the employer wants but what you want. By being as prepared and confident as you can be, it will help you be more open to what employers are telling/selling you. At the end of the day, you need to judge each job role on how well it meets your very own selection criteria.
Best wishes for the job hunt.
Kate Southam.

Following are just a few of the new skills you'll acquire after you use Get That Government Job. You’ll be able to:
  • Apply for government and private sector jobs with confidence
  • Gain insight into how employers think and what they want
  • Translate selection criteria mumbo-jumbo into simple English
  • Learn how to sell ‘YOU and your skills’ to the employer
  • Fast-track your application using templates on a secure website
  • Write résumés and cover letters that get results
  • Handle tricky criteria on OH&S and EEO like a pro
  • Use checklists to avoid common mistakes
  • Manage your butterflies and stand out at the interview

Who needs this book?

People who have been blasted by the 3 R-R-Rs - Redundancy, Retrenchment and Restructuring

You can do it! Just follow the steps outlined in the book and use the examples that apply to your background and experience.

People applying for a position in the public or private sector - maybe even their own job!

If you've been unsuccessful in previous applications, take heart! Now, you can learn how to write applications like a pro - it's a skill that is absolutely essential in today's job market.

Every graduate you know.

Many students spend three or more years in tertiary study only to end up unemployed because they don’t know how to write an application involving selection criteria. Now,you can get the job you deserve without any stress. Simply follow the steps in this book to increase your chance of being short-listed and getting your dream job.

Personnel leaving Defence.

Australian Defence Force personnel face a double barrelled problem on leaving Defence.Leaving Defence can be like going to live in a foreign country with a different language,culture and business practices. Take heart! Thousands have already made a successful transition and now hold top paying positions in the public and private sectors.

Answering selection criteria is a skill you'll need for life! Start now and reap the benefits!

Get That Government Job is available in all good book stores and libraries.

If you have difficulty obtaining a copy, call the publisher, Woodslane, on Free Call 1800 803 443 to find a stockist in your area.

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