Smart Start Book Promotion for Self-Published Authors

Have you written a book with blood sweat and tears only to find it’s pretty tricky to sell your masterpiece? You’re not alone. Marketing your book is a hundred times harder than writing it.

Take heart – there are dozens of easy, affordable ways to market your book. It will take some time and effort, but you can work at your own pace and use the templates, examples and checklists to kick-start your marketing.

Writing about YOU is very difficult. What do you say in your bio? What blurb do you put on the cover of your book? What do you say on the back cover? How do you organise a book launch? How do you write a press release? How do you prepare for a media interview?

All of these questions – and much, much more - are answered in

New eBook for Self Published Authors - coming soon... How to PROMOTE YOUR BOOK on a shoe-string someone who did

This course is based on a Master Class conducted by Dawn Richards at the Queensland Writers' Centre.It consists of 6 workshops:

Excerpt from Promote Your Book on a Shoe-String someone who did: Writing media releases and getting them noticed

Media releases are one of the most powerful tools you can have in your marketing arsenal. The most common mistake people make when writing media releases is to write them like advertisements. Media releases are NOT advertisements - they need to be ‘news-worthy’, not ‘you-worthy’.

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Writing a media release is similar in many ways to writing a flyer. The main difference is you are writing it for busy editors in the media, not your readers, so you need to adopt a more businesslike, structured approach.Once again, you need to educate yourself about what works and what doesn’t for your type of book. Go to Google and check out online media releases for books on Amazon or other online publishers. Check out writers’ centres to see how they write media releases until you find your own style.