We work with small to medium sized businesses to develop branded ebooks and articles that increase signups on their websites. We also train your staff in customer service and marketing so that you keep ahead of your competition. Keep on the cutting edge by reading current business books and ebooks – we’ll write many of these books ourselves or source books by specialist authors in their fields on topics such as: neuromarketing, guerrilla marketing, customer service management, innovation and a wide range of topics that are important to SMEs.

Career Changers

For career changers, we offer best-selling career books to help you write a brilliant application to get your dream job. Or, we can write the application or Executive Profile for you

Self Published Authors

We also help self published authors to market their books. Writing your book is the easy part – promoting it is a different ball game. Currently, we are developing a comprehensive book, ‘How to Promote your Book on a Shoe-String Budget...by Someone Who Did. This ebook contains worksheets, templates, checklists and examples to teach you how to do your own book promotion.