Book Reviewers wanted for ‘Quick & Easy Resume Makeovers’

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May 4, 2014
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Book Reviewers wanted for ‘Quick & Easy Resume Makeovers’

The way employers look for candidates has changed dramatically in the last decade with the introduction of technology that reduces hundreds of applications down to just a handful. Ouch!

There are NEW RULES for writing job applications. Your old résumé simply won’t work without the correct formatting and key words.

Most career changers aren’t aware that 80% or more of companies now use Applicant Tracking Systems (sometimes called ‘robots’) to make the huge number of resumes they receive more manageable. They do this by looking for key words that are in the Position Description – if you don’t have these keywords, your application goes in the bin.
In this book, you will learn:

THE NEW RULES for getting a job in 2017
How to write job applications to get into the ‘yes’ pile
How to find and use key words in your application
How to format your application to get past the robots
How to ‘sell’ your achievements in your application
How to ‘tailor’ each application in line with the Position Description
How to write a winner cover letter
Tips on how to answer selection criteria for government jobs
How to write a stand-out LinkedIn Profile to impress employers

If you’re like most career changers, you’ve spotted a great job and you need your résumé makeover … NOW!

No problem. We’ve made it really quick and easy for you to update your résumé and cover letter using templates, where you replace the sample text with your own information. We’ve also provided valuable QUICK GUIDES, CHEAT SHEETS and CHECKLISTS to make sure your application is free of errors that could end your career before it starts.

Dawn Richards has spent the past twenty years as a career coach and professional resume writer, helping job seekers get the jobs of their dreams. She is the author of best-selling career books: Selection Criteria Toolkit, Get That Government Job and From Fired to Hired.
Would you like to review this soon-to-be-released-book?

Are you seriously looking for a job right now?
Have you been sending off applications without getting a response?
Are you prepared to follow the easy steps in the book to give your resume a professional makeover using key words and robot-friendly formatting?
Would you like access to FREE TEMPLATES (Robot-Friendly), QUICK GUIDES and CHEAT SHEETS to give your application a turbo boost?

If you answered ‘YES’ to the above points, please send me an email at and tell me why you would like the book.
I’m looking for 20 career changers from diverse career backgrounds to review my new book before it is released.
Please include:

Why you would like a FREE pdf copy of the book
A little background about your career and what you are looking for now
The top 5 challenges you have in getting to an interview
Your geographic location – Australia, NZ, USA, UK, etc.
Permission to use your review and head shot in marketing the book

Please note – this book uses templates and examples from Australian and New Zealand applications (Aussie resumes are a little more detailed and longer than US resumes). But, the information is still highly relevant because 90% of companies in the US use applicant tracking systems that require key words and robot-friendly formatting to move your application to the ‘yes’ pile for interviews.


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